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Now, I was a bad Jon Girl on New Year’s Eve and I *GASP* didn’t catch their performance last night because I was partying a little too hard with Mr. Sailor Jerry, meaning I was quite drunk. ;) By the time I remembered, I ran into my friend’s living room at 11:48. They had just finished performing 3 minutes earlier, I was about to cry. :( Even my mom called me to tune in, but I didn’t answer haha, but thanks to the awesome technology of today, I watched it on You Tube as soon as I got home. Was it not amazing?! I CANNOT WAIT UNTIL JULY!!!!! Jon was looking GORGEOUS of course, when isn’t he?! So here is the video from YouTube!! Enjoy Girls!!! Wishing you Jon Girls a blessed 2011!! Make the most of it and go see Jon and the Kids on tour this summer!!!

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How many of you Jon Girls are going to see Jonathan and the rest of the New Kids on this tour?!

I’m going to see them July 6th at the Honda Center in Anaheim, CA.

Unfortunately, I’ll be seeing them alone, because by the time my friends got back to me, I had already bought my ticket, I wasn’t going to let a FLOOR SEAT get away from me! Okay, so I’ll be sitting alone, my best friend is getting a ticket in a different section but its okay, because I have a FLOOR SEAT BABY!!! SEC 109, ROW 5, SEAT 7!!!

Where are YOU going to see them?! Submit replies please, I would love to know! Who knows, you might find someone else going to the same concert! Meet up, make an event of it! 

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