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Don't You Know That The Time Has Arrived?

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Anonymous asked: Haha, so I'm guessing you thought Jon was being serious about Harley proposing? That little turd! LOL. The next time something exciting DOES happen to him, no one will believe him. :) It's a good thing he is so frickin' adorable or we would all be pretty angry about his little joke. Gotta love Jonny Boy.

I never believe his shit, but this had me all hopeful! Oh man, I love that Fucker. <3

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burdenn said: He’s like the boy who cried wolf lolol

He’s such a brat! I almost didn’t believe him when he said he was going to Italy haha.

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everything-the-heart-desires asked: Send this to 15 of your favorite people on tumblr ♥

Aww, thanks for the love! <3